GoSnow Supporting
the Chill Foundation

For every Ikon Pass purchased through GoSnow we will donate $50 to the Chill Foundation along with providing you a $50 Burton Gift Card.


Buy an Ikon Pass through GoSnow.


GoSnow donates $50 to Chill on your behalf. We will send you a cool personalized donation badge for posting on social.


You get free GoSnow VIP Membership which includes a $50 Burton Gift Card.

How it Works

As the promotion applies to all Ikon Passes the process is simple. Once you have completed you online purchase via gosnowpass.com you will receive 2 emails. The first is your pass purchase confirmation and the second provides details of your VIP Membership, donation to the Chill Foundation and how you access your $50 Burton gift voucher.

GoSNow will also provide you with a personalised donation badge you can post on social media and, with your permission, we will add you to our public list of donators.

If you have any questions or feedback please email us at

gosnow@gosnowpass.com and we will help out as best we can.

About Chill Foundation

Chill’s mission is to inspire young people to overcome challenges through boardsports. Working with participants from marginalized communities and operating in 24 cities in 10 countries throughout the world, Chill programs pair core values curriculum with the excitement of learning snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and paddleboarding to promote personal growth and supportive community for those struggling with the negative circumstances that are holding them back. An important part of the Burton Snowboards family since inception in 1995, Chill’s positive youth development programs have served more than 30,000 young people by covering all costs and building strong alliances with schools, social service and juvenile justice programs, youth agencies, and boardsports partners.

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